Saturday, January 21, 2012

Weekend Match-Up Predictions: January 21-22

The league went completely chalk over the week, which is great news for the top of the league and for league perception. The ACC needs more weeks like this one if it wants to get four or even five teams in the NCAA Tournament.

A 3-3 week puts my picks at 13-9-1 on the year. No previews this week, just gonna cut/copy what I put on Twitter on the blog so I can better keep track of my picks.

Maryland @ Temple
Not an ACC game so no pick, but Maryland winning at Temple would be a big boost to league perception after Duke lost in the same arena a few weeks back.

Wake Forest (+1) @ Boston College
Pomeroy has Wake at BC as exactly a 50/50 toss-up. Don't think I've seen that before. Seems sadly appropriate. Wake 68, BC 65. Dennis Clifford vs Carson Desrosiers! Awkward white centers battle for supremacy!

Georgia Tech (+8.5) @ Clemson
Clemson 68, Georgia Tech 60. I like Clemson at home and hate Clemson the road. It's an easy formula to remember.

Florida State (+10.5) @ Duke
Duke 76, FSU 73. 'Noles front court will cause problems but I like the Devils to shoot well at home. Should be a great game.

NC State @ Miami
Miami 80, NC State 71. Too much Scott and Grant. Plus you prefer it when I pick against NC State, just admit it.

Virginia Tech @ Virginia
VT 65, UVA 61. Virginia's gonna get upset eventually because of their style and VT can't possibly be as bad as they've looked so far, right?

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