Friday, February 17, 2012

Defensive Charting: Duke

Here's the defensive chart from the Duke game. I've almost finished the backlog of ACC games as well and will post those probably sometime this weekend or early next week.

As anyone watching the game noticed, CJ Leslie was something of a monster on the inside, forcing nearly 10 misses with his high-flying blocks and long arms. His problem was not only the fouling, but that every foul he committed in the game put Duke on the line - five fouls resulting in nine free-throw attempts. The fouls turned his tremendous defensive performance into something much more ordinary.

For all the good Alex Johnson did in the first half on the offensive end, he got torched on defense in the second half. Duke made six 3s in the second half, and at least four of them were on Alex - he also fouled Curry on a 3-pointer that led to three points. Curry was also able to get by him and will and use his size advantage to score on the inside.

Curry was on fire in general - the Pack tried switching both Wood and Zo on him in the final 10 minutes and all three players were beat pretty badly. Brown is actually an underrated perimeter defender, but its safe to say the Duke press and trying to carry the offensive load slowed him down on defense in the final few minutes.

The Pack desperately, desperately needed CJ Williams from about the 11:30 mark onward, but he was saddled with four fouls and could only watch.

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