Monday, February 20, 2012

Defensive Charting: FSU and ACC totals

Finally, I am completely caught up with ACC games (minus the two I don't have tape of - Maryland and at Georgia Tech). So I'll be including aggregate totals at the end of each charting post now.

For a key as to what all these numbers represent, please refer to the original post here. 

Florida State 76, NC State 62 - January 18th
The thing that really gets hammered home here is just how much Florida State dominated the interior. Leslie, Howell and Painter all had bad games defensively. This was by far the worst game I've charted for CJ Leslie, who just didn't seem to bother shooters in the way he normally does and had Okara White beat him several times - most notably on the in-bounds dunk play. 

ACC Totals 

Lorenzo Brown rates out as the best defender on the team, which was shocking to me - but I think we simply underestimate how much his size and athleticism helps him as a defender. He leads the team in forced turnovers and doesn't give up a lot of baskets - a combination of his own defensive skill and a weak crop of ACC point guards that he's defending.Leslie also rates very highly - his length forces a lot of misses and leads to a lot of deflections that often turn into turnovers. Hard work and focus can lead to being a good defender - see CJ Williams as an example - but it doesn't hurt to be gifted with a tremendous wingspan and leaping ability either.

At some point I'll go through position by position and talk about each player, probably at the end of the regular season.

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