Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Defensive Charting - Jan 26th-Feb1st (UNC, UVA, BC)

I'm currently in the process of going back through the Pack's ACC games and doing defensive charts for each. Unfortunately ESPN3 does not have the most recent GT game or the Maryland game from the start of the conference schedule, so it looks like I'll be two games short of doing the entire conference slate unless someone has a copy of these games laying around.

For a key as to what all these numbers represent, please refer to the original post here.

If there is a theme to be had in these charts its this - Alex Johnson is a quietly awesome defender.

@ UNC on 01/26/2012

Yes, 'other' is Thomas de Thaey. I'm just grouping everyone who isn't in the top seven rotation together for the purposes of this effort because really, I don't care what they do since they don't play significant enough minutes to register. But hey, good job by Thomas playing defense in garbage time against Carolina's scrubs.

What stands out to me after doing the charting is that CJ Leslie actual played really well on the defensive end against Henson. Zeller took Howell behind the woodshed, but Leslie did a commendable job that was completely overlooked because of how he played on the offensive end.

vs UVA on 01/28/2012

This was the game where UVA couldn't miss in the first half and then went the final eight minutes without a field goal. Good times. Scott Wood had a hell of a time keeping up with Sammy Z, but when the Pack switched Williams on to him in the second half he really quieted down. Leslie played commendably well against Scott, but rates poorly because he didn't rebound and all of his fouls led to free throw attempts by Virginia.

@ BC on 02/01/2012

By far the best defensive effort during the three games. Really, no one had a bad defensive game. Howell gets credit for cleaning up the defensive glass while Lorenzo was especially aggressive defensively - resulting in a couple of steals and easy baskets for the Pack.

Four-game total (the three above plus vs Wake)

I do not know that four games is a large enough sample size to draw any conclusions, but its interesting to see how great Alex Johnson has rated and how sneakily good Lorenzo Brown has been defensively during this time.

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