Sunday, February 26, 2012

From 29 to 20: Cutting down the All-ACC List.

Twenty-nine players for 15 spots means that we have to cut 14 guys. We'll do a first cut now (with two games left), taking out anybody who can't reasonably improve to the top 15 in the last two games.

Glen Rice - Actually a very effective rebounder, but his shooting and scoring have not been good - even adjusting for the absurdly slow play of Georgia Tech. Several spats with the coaches do not help his cause, either.

Dorenzo Hudson - Poor shooting, low scoring, not nearly enough rebounding at his position. Good defender, but doesn't do enough offensively.

Scott Wood - He's a 6'5" forward who can't rebound - the only people worse than him are either point guards or already off this list. Look, the shooting is great - even taking into account his recent slump. But Reggie Johnson has better assist numbers and Terrell Stoglin has better rebounding numbers. Gotta do more than score points.

Reggie Johnson - What if I told you that if you take out pace, Devon Booker out performs Reggie Johnson in ever category but shooting and assists in ACC play? The two actually have incredibly similar resumes, but Booker hasn't missed any games while it appears that Johnson won't see the court again (obvious caveat here is if Johnson comes back and destroys NC State & BC single-handed).

Travis McKie - Forwards shouldn't be turning the ball over 18 percent of the time, and McKie doesn't do enough in the other categories to make up for that. He's a decent scorer and a decent rebounder but is eclipsed in both categories by plenty of other players. He easily makes the top 25, but he's not in the top 15 and not really in the conversation (though I'm sure he'll get votes for good counting stats - Wake, as shitty as they are, play a pretty fast pace).

Joe Harris - He's really fallen apart since hurting his hand, which is no fault of his own or anything but you can't pretend the last few games didn't happen. His turnovers have skyrocketed, his shooting has slumped and his rebounding is down. He was already starting to drop off some prior to the injury, but credit the man for gutting through it and playing.

Richard Howell - I have a soft spot in my heart for Howell because he might be the best rebounder in the league - he's second in offensive rebounding percentage and third in defensive rebounding percentage. But he doesn't shoot well, doesn't score a ton and is something of a black hole (a five percent assist rate, beaten only by Bernard James). His defense isn't exceptional by any means - and last, but certainly not least, he fouls too much.

Jontel Evans - The defense doesn't do enough to make up for the offense, and I say that as someone who thinks the world of Evans as a defensive player. But the fact is he is, by a huge margin, the worst offensive player on the list. He doesn't shoot well and turns it over too much.

Devon Booker - Better numbers than Reggie doesn't automatically put you in the top 20, I'm afraid. An underrated defender who does a lot of nice things for Clemson, he falls short for many of the same reasons as Howell. He doesn't shoot well enough or score enough. I struggled a lot with this final cut - it really becomes nitpicking from here on out. I think anyone in the final 20, or even a few of these last cuts, could do enough over the final two games to make the top 15.

The Final 20

Andre YoungClemson
Tanner SmithClemson
Austin RiversDuke
Mason PlumleeDuke
Ryan KellyDuke
Seth CurryDuke
Bernard JamesFlorida St.
Michael SnaerFlorida St.
Terrell StoglinMaryland
Durand ScottMiami FL
Kenny KadjiMiami FL
Harrison BarnesNorth Carolina
John HensonNorth Carolina
Kendall MarshallNorth Carolina
Tyler ZellerNorth Carolina
C.J. LeslieNorth Carolina St.
Lorenzo BrownNorth Carolina St.
Mike ScottVirginia
Erick GreenVirginia Tech
C.J. HarrisWake Forest

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