Thursday, February 2, 2012

Halfway There, Part I: An early list of All-ACC Candidates

1. Offensive Productivity - The most easily measured stuff. Offensive rating is important here but so is usage. Some players are highly productive because they are put in roles where they can be successful and are limited in minutes - I'm look at you Ryan Kelly.

2. Defensive Productivity - This comes from looking at things like steal rate and block rate but this also becomes a product of watching games. Some defensive players, especially guards, can be fantastic defenders without making much of a dent in the stat sheet.

3. Team Performance - It's definitely a factor, but I think too often voters put too much emphasis on team performance over individual performance. Team play gets rewarded with banners, wins and NCAA Tournament trips. The All-ACC team is about honoring individual greatness.

4. Intangibles - Haha, just kidding. People use the word 'intangibles' to justify voting for shitty candidates. If you see this word near any explanation of any postseason award voting ever, assume the person writing it is either an idiot or has a motivation their ashamed to reveal.

Narrowing the List
I started by hitting Pomeroy's site (shocking, I know) and grabbing every player that's being used in at least 20% of the team's possessions while they are on the court. That list was, as of Wednesday, 42 players long. The biggest names not to make this list are probably Andre Young, Kendall Marshall and Scott Wood. I'll probably get a lot of grief for immediately dismissing these players, but you just can't be that valuable when your involved in less than one of every five possessions - regardless of how good you are in those possessions.

Next I axed anyone who is playing less than 25 minutes a game. Again, if you aren't on the court the majority of the game you can't be valuable enough to be one the top 15 players in the league. My third cut line was anyone with an offensive rating below 95 - they are too much of an offensive drag while consuming a lot offensive possessions to be worthy.

The List
That left me with 26 players for 15 spots. So here, with eight or nine games left for most teams, are your current batch of All-ACC Candidates:

Player Team
Austin Rivers Duke
Bernard James Florida St.
C.J. Harris Wake Forest
C.J. Leslie North Carolina St.
Devin Booker Clemson
Dorenzo Hudson Virginia Tech
Durand Scott Miami FL
Erick Green Virginia Tech
Glen Rice Georgia Tech
Harrison Barnes North Carolina
Joe Harris Virginia
John Henson North Carolina
Kenny Kadji Miami FL
Lorenzo Brown North Carolina St.
Malcolm Grant Miami FL
Mason Plumlee Duke
Michael Snaer Florida St.
Mike Scott Virginia
Richard Howell North Carolina St.
Ryan Kelly Duke
Seth Curry Duke
Tanner Smith Clemson
Terrell Stoglin Maryland
Travis McKie Wake Forest
Tyler Zeller North Carolina

Coming tomorrow, hopefully: I pick my Halfway There All-ACC team.

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  1. Saying that Scott Wood "can't be that valuable" is crazy talk.