Friday, February 24, 2012

My All-ACC Candidate List

Because of the quick turnaround between the final game of the season and the All-ACC ballots being due, you have to start this legwork early. This is my exercise at getting the list of candidates to a manageable number.

My basic criteria were
1. Offensive rating for the season over 100
2. Used in more than 20% of their team's possessions
3. Played at least 25 minutes per game

That gave me 26 players and I added three because of special circumstances.

Kendall Marshall - Best passer in the league. Fell short of usage % criteria.
Jontel Evans - Best perimeter defender in the league. Fell short of offensive rating criteria.
Scott Wood - Most efficient offensive player in the league. Fell short of usage % criteria.

That gives me 29 names to parse through over the next 10 days. Here they are, by school.

Player Team
Andre Young Clemson
Devin Booker Clemson
Tanner Smith Clemson
Austin Rivers Duke
Mason Plumlee Duke
Ryan Kelly Duke
Seth Curry Duke
Bernard James Florida St.
Michael Snaer Florida St.
Glen Rice Georgia Tech
Terrell Stoglin Maryland
Durand Scott Miami FL
Kenny Kadji Miami FL
Reggie Johnson Miami FL
Harrison Barnes North Carolina
John Henson North Carolina
Kendall Marshall North Carolina
Tyler Zeller North Carolina
C.J. Leslie North Carolina St.
Lorenzo Brown North Carolina St.
Richard Howell North Carolina St.
Scott Wood North Carolina St.
Joe Harris Virginia
Jontel Evans Virginia
Mike Scott Virginia
Dorenzo Hudson Virginia Tech
Erick Green Virginia Tech
C.J. Harris Wake Forest
Travis McKie Wake Forest

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