Saturday, February 18, 2012

One Line Previews: Feb 18-19

Bad week, finishing 2-4.  Now sitting at 39-26-2 against the spread.We are going with one line analysis today since I do not have much time before heading to the RBC Center.

Miami -14.5 vs Wake Forest
Pomeroy: Miami by 16, 93% chance of winning
My Pick: Miami 75, Wake 58
Reggie Johnson smash!

NC State -1.5 vs Florida State
Pomeroy: NC State by 1, 51% chance of winning
My Pick: NC State 67, Florida State 62
Florida State wins this game if it gets hot from the outside - otherwise I think the Pack will just want it more.

Virginia -10 vs Maryland
Pomeroy: Virginia by 12, 89% chance of winning
My Pick: Virginia 60, Maryland 54
Gotta admit, I'll be curious to see how Jontel Evans does against Terrell Stoglin in this game.

UNC -13.5 vs Clemson
Pomeroy: UNC by 15, 90% chance of winning
My Pick: UNC 82, Clemson 60
Yeah, it ain't happening this year Clemson.

Virginia Tech -9 vs Georgia Tech
Pomeroy: Virginia Tech by 9, 81% chance of winning
My Pick: Virginia Tech 55, Georgia Tech 50
Virginia Tech is awful, reeling from its loss to Florida State and the Yellow Jackets are due for a halfway decent game.

Duke at Boston College
Pomeroy: Duke by 17, 92% chance of winning
My Pick: Duke 75, Boston College 62
Classic Duke formula of dominating and letting off the brake at the end to allow the Eagles to cover.

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