Tuesday, February 21, 2012

One Line Previews: February 21

North Carolina (-6.5) at NC State
Pomeroy: UNC by 7, 72% chance of winning
My Prediction: UNC 84, NC State 75
Henson, Zeller and Barnes are all playing tonight according to my sources.

Virginia (-2) at Virginia Tech
Pomeroy: Virginia by 3, 64% chance of winning
My Prediction: Virginia 54, VT 49
Bennett is too good a coach to get swept by a injury plagued Hokies team, but it's gonna be close.

Miami (-2) at Maryland
Pomeroy: Miami by 5, 66% chance of winning
My Prediction: Miami 75, Maryland 65
Their previous double-overtime game in Miami held the record for 'best game of the conference season' for a solid two weeks before it was destroyed by Austin Rivers.

Clemson (-3.5) at Georgia Tech
Pomeroy: Clemson by 2, 56% chance of winning
My Prediction: Ugh.... um.... geez.... Clemson 54, Georgia Tech 52
My personal gambling advice is to avoid this game like the plague - Clemson is an atrocious road team but Georgia Tech is just an atrocious team period.

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