Monday, March 19, 2012

Defensive Charting: NCAA Rounds of 64 & 32

Back-to-back excellent defensive games from the Pack, who have been playing inspired defense since the Miami game in the regular season. For a team that struggled defensively out of the gate, this prolonged stretch of success is pretty amazing and speaks to the overall growth of the team.

(Note to the stat nerds out there, I took out the middle three columns of calculated values to fit everything else in and make it more legible)

NC State vs San Diego State, March 16
All the post players except for Howell had good games against the smaller SDSU line-up, and really Howell was fine except for his usual atrocious fouls in the second half. SDSU went 7-for-8 from the line on the four fouls Howell committed in the game.

Brown was stellar, which is nothing new. What's fascinating when watching Brown is the defense he doesn't play - he gives people room and dares them to take the long 3-pointer a few feet behind the line. Sometimes they make them but its always a bad shot for the opponent. It's certainly better than allowing his man to go buy him and create off the dribble.

NC State vs Georgetown, March 18
CJ Leslie was particularly awesome in this game. The two buckets he allowed were a goaltend that he should have never touched (he's still CJ after all) and a contested jumper late in the shot clock. Generally speaking, it was the best game I've charted for Leslie since starting this project in January.

Williams was the victim of a lot of the late 3-pointers that Georgetown hit as it tried to make its comeback. I got the sense the CJW was trying very hard not to foul and was giving his guy a little too much room in the process. Had he applied a bit more defensive pressure I'm not sure the last 90 seconds would have been so dramatic.

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