Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My ACC Preseason Ballot: Now With Sarcasm

I'm not going to Charlotte for the Basketball kick-off this yeah so I thought I'd put my ballot out there just so you can point and laugh at it later.

NOTE: None of the top six teams in the league have what I would call an easy schedule. This could mean the dreaded parity at the top, with the winner of the league finishing at 11-5 12-6 (18-game conference schedule, thanks for the reminder @scacchoops) or so and no one in the ACC getting better than about a No. 3 seed in the NCAAs.

1. Duke - Never doubt Duke in the regular season. The postseason is another thing altogether
2. Miami - ?!?!?! Seriously who has a better returning roster than Miami. Arguably NC State, but that's it right?
3. NC State - Like there was any chance I was picking NCSU first
4. Florida State - Might have the best all-around player in the league in Snaer
5. North Carolina - I think Paige will be fine at point, McAdoo will be great but this team has some similarities to the 2010 team.
6. Maryland - I like Maryland this year. Tough schedule though.
Here's the part of the ballot where I literally just start guessing.
7. Clemson - Defense! No one who can score!
8. Virginia - Defense! No one who can score!
9. Virginia Tech - I would actually really like this VT team given its schedule (UNC, FSU & NCSU just once) and its close losses last season (lost 9 of its 11 ACC games by five points or less). But the coaching turnover makes this season a gigantic question mark, and I can't put them higher. If any team inthe bottom four moves up though, its VT.
10. Wake Forest - Two actual ACC caliber players, but still coached by this guy.
11. Boston College - Non-athletic white dudes!
12. Georgia Tech - I honestly don't care.

First Team All-ACC
Michael Snaer - Miller might end up being the big scorer for FSU but Snaer is a complete player. He scores, he defends, he makes big shots. I like him.
Lorenzo Brown - Hi, I'm the best player on NC State but people ignore me because CJ Leslie dunks or something.
Kenny Kadji - Miami!?!?!
James Michael McAdoo - He's good according to NBA scouts.
Rasheed Sulaimon - If Duke is going to win the league, its not going to be because Mason Plumlee suddenly turns into Tyler Zeller.

Michael Snaer (you know, in a magical world where people care about perimeter defense)

Rasheed Sulaimon (see above)

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