Monday, March 4, 2013

All-ACC: 30 to 20

Time to knock the list down to a more manageable size. REMINDER: I am evaluating production and not talent, hype or team performance. Let's go through who I'm eliminating and why:

Scott Wood: Offensive efficiency just doesn't mean a lot when you're only involved in 13% of your teams' possessions and you aren't a great at anything other than shooting. Wood has a huge impact on the Pack's offense, but when he's not hitting shots he's not doing anything else to help the team.

Marcus Georges-Hunt: Very underrated freshman year - belongs in the discussion for freshman of the year even if he doesn't quite measure up to guys like Hanlan or Sulaimon. Love his turnover rate but wish a guy with his size (and I don't meant height) would rebound a little more and maybe shoot a few less 3s (under 33% on the season but he's taken the third most attempts on the team).

Dez Wells: 25.8% turnover rate for a non-point erodes a lot of the good he does as a playmaker and he's not rebounding or assisting at a rate that makes up the gap.

Daniel Miller: I like his defense (I liked it more before Richard Howell and CJ Leslie abused him over the weekend), and he's a very efficient player who probably deserves more touches. But he doesn't get those touches, which hurts his overall numbers and ultimately eliminates him from consideration. He's had a great career arc though, and I could see him making All-ACC as a senior.

KJ McDaniels: Dude can jump and he's slowly turning into a real basketball player as well. If he gets his shooting up next year, or learns to pass the ball some, he could move up the list.

Milton Jennings: Like Daniels, I'm surprised he made it this far. One of the benefits of not going entirely off your eyes, I suppose. Did you know he was third on the team in assist rate? I would have never, ever guessed that. Or that he's the team's 2nd best 3-point shooter? Wha?! Despite all that, he barely crosses the offensive rating threshold I set forth and if you've actually watched a game you may have noticed him disappearing for huge, important stretches. So I'm gonna say no.

CJ Harris: Doesn't rebound at all, not a great defender, doesn't really get others involved very much for a guard. I like him as a shooter, and he's had a good career at Wake, but he's not in my top 20.

Olivier Hanlan: He's going to be a heck of a player down the line. One of the guys on BC who is slowly convincing me that yes, Donahue can get enough talent to win in this league. But for someone who isn't really a point guard and who's job it is to score, he's not shooting as well as I'd like him to for All-ACC consideration. Add in his defense, which goes from mediocre to non-existent at times, and its a wait till next year situation for Hanlan.

Okaro White: I had no idea he was having as good a season offensively as he's having. He's shooting exceptionally well and taking care of the basketball. But he doesn't rebound the nearly enough for someone his size and he's getting more minutes than any big on his team so I'm going to venture a guess that part of their interior defensive issues rest on his shoulders. Close, but not quite in the top 20 for Mr. White.

James Michael McAdoo: Hey, I didn't expect this name to land here either. Yes, he carries a big offensive load for UNC and he's basically their only big. But he's just been terrible on offense. He ranks 44th in the league in effective FG% and that's after a big game against FSU's atrocious big men. I mean, Dexter Strickland is shooting better than him. I could forgive his 18% turnover rate (totally acceptable for someone with his usage rate), if he could actually shoot the ball.

I do think he's an underrated defender, both from what I've seen and from what the numbers bear out (12th in defensive rebounding %, 38th in block %, 7th in steal percentage). But ultimately his drain on the offense outweighs that. Enough that he's not even going to be in my top 20.

The Final 20
Player Team MPG Ortg Poss%
Erick Green Virginia Tech 37.733 120.64 31.52
Ryan Anderson Boston College 32.333 103.31 28.01
Joe Harris Virginia 33.6 118.87 26.47
P.J. Hairston North Carolina 26.933 116.93 26.13
Mason Plumlee Duke 35.933 111.98 25.32
C.J. Leslie NC State 33.467 100.25 25.26
Lorenzo Brown NC State 34.385 103.96 25.07
Michael Snaer Florida State 30.867 105.3 24.55
Akil Mitchell Virginia 31.8 112.42 24.29
Kenny Kadji Miami (FL) 28 105.83 23.62
Alex Len Maryland 27.933 112.98 23.07
Devin Booker Clemson 35 109.32 23.05
Seth Curry Duke 31.667 120.78 22.93
Travis McKie Wake Forest 32.6 109 22.39
Durand Scott Miami (FL) 33.533 105.97 21.97
Quinn Cook Duke 34.467 110.88 21.49
Shane Larkin Miami (FL) 36.133 114.61 20.55
Richard Howell NC State 35.333 120.83 20.54
Rasheed Sulaimon Duke 29.6 111.34 19.7
Reggie Bullock North Carolina 33.067 129.59 18.49

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